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Intruder by Lukasz Wierzbowski

A hide-and-seek game, where sitters meddle

in the scene as an attempt to reveal something.

Carolina Krieger

The desire to fall with eyes wide open

Distancing from the evident in order to find the essence of things.

Lukasz Komet

Portfolio selection

Densely charged images filled with mystery and mysticism.

Open Call

Post Lock-down Humanity

Looking for projects that address ideas of change, transformation, and adaptation.

Ana Stefanovic

Portfolio selection

Charming images that resemble the stills of a prolonged film.

Giulia Degasperi

These Dark Mountains

Portraying the solitude and hard labour of Alpine farmers.

David Lévêque

Portfolio selection

Cinematic images with a macabre and grandiose atmosphere.

Cédric Richet

Portfolio Selection

Emotional abstractions of a daily life.

Brandon Simpson

Portfolio selection

Pursuing a Polaroid passion.

Ed Carr

Cyanotype Video Stills

Making alternative processes more sustainable.

Mihai Caranica


Documenting a limestone processing plant.

Patrick Wack

Out West

Documenting the Uyghur culture and its struggles.

Pascal Greco

Hong Kong Neon

Portraying the quasi-extinct Hong Kong neon signs.

Ros Khavro

Portfolio Selection

An ode to careful observation.

Anna Pliusnina


Portraying the 'first love'.

Jon Wang


A personal approach to living with a medical condition.

Mikhail Kalarashan


Exploring regional identity.

Edward Dimsdale

Portfolio Selection

A careful attention to the printing process that creates pictorial images.

Tatiana Saavedra

Portfolio Selection

Portraying our bond with nature.

Alexandre Silberman

Differences & Repetitions

Documenting the changes that faces a Parisian suburb.

Diego Brambilla

Off the Mark

An introspective journey for the photographer and the observer alike.

Gai Shtienberg

Hard Land

Portraying the clashes between the human-made and nature in the Israeli dessert.

Donavon Smallwood


Revisiting the history of New York's Central Park.

Svetlana Bulatova

Summer Camp - Adults with Autism

Portraying adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Edra Galzeran


A fascinating travel to the "Otherworld" by the hand of Edra.

Irene Artuso


A personal voyage through the Mediterranean island of Asinara.

Daria Nazarova

The Time of Water

A personal journey to her roots.

Morgan Roué

Du cœur à l'ouvrage

A sober and raw testimony of the daily life of health professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tereza Kozinc

Finding Stenli

A personal journey to look for home.

Caro Dewilde

You breathe in me

Using photography as a cathartic way to relieve emotions.

Michele Palazzi

Black Gold Hotel

Capturing the life of nomadic families, as well as those which migrated to urban centres and face several challenges.

Martin Tscholl


Presenting nature as a metaphysical dimension that exists beyond the physical world and our immediate senses.

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