"In Eden" by Alice Zoo

Sep 14, 2015

Alice is a young British self-taught photographer currently living and working in Mendoza, Argentina. Her work focuses on documenting festivities and the interactions and emotions that occur during these. “I often document fairs and festivities because I’m drawn to their pathos; there’s a lot of loneliness to be seen at places that have been designed specifically for the purpose of having a good time. I’m interested in the notion of ‘organised fun’ and whether it is possible. I find [that] celebrations of all kinds are tragicomic in this way; birthday parties, amusement parks, weddings…”


Alice’s upcoming work is taking inspiration from photographers like Lucas Foglia, Josef Koudelka and Walker Evans, the film ‘Le Meraviglie’ and a long passage from ‘Anna Karenina’ in which Levin works in the fields.

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