Photography by Ana Santilli Lago

Oct 12, 2016

Ana is a young photographer from Argentina who creates images that are expressive, beautiful and uncomplicated at the same time. Experimenting is an important part of her photographic quest as she enjoys intervening and altering the films that will later use, creating in this way the so-called “film soups”.

Starting photography because she and her sister wanted to be detectives, altogether we can say that Ana’s work is a creative exploration of her close surroundings.


Following we want to present a short interview that we had with Ana:


am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

ASL - I am Ana Santilli Lago, I was born in Quequén, a village in the south coast of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am 27 years old, I am Leo, with Capricorn Ascendant and moon in Taurus. I am currently finishing a degree in Social Anthropology, I dance Butoh and study Tarot and Astrology.


am - How did you start in photography?

ASL - I have been interested in photography from a young age, since I was 11. Everything started because my sister and I wanted to be detectives, and an essential instrument for that -besides magnifying glass and notepad- was a camera. So my parents gave me my first camera; a 110mm pink and black plastic camera, barely 9cm long, with which I took my first pictures that I still keep.

Time passed and I got one of the most beautiful presents ever, from my uncle; a 35mm MTL5 Practika. I started taking classes after school with a family friend who is a photographer to learn how to use my new camera… I really didn’t understand much about depth of field, focal point, apertures, film speed, but I was fascinated by how things looked through the camera and played “frame it all”, so I continued to learn and above all, taking pictures.


am - What inspires your work?

ASL - I am inspired by traveling, nature, the sea, forests, I’m inspired by new environments or the possibilities of creating new spaces and new times in familiar places. It inspires me to read and think about the body, the unconscious, the subjective and the collective. It inspires me to think about the creative process itself. To observe images. Experimenting with alternative processes, with film interventions and the power of “error”.


am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists?

ASL - My favorite photographers are changing according to my times, those who never tire me are Roger Ballen, Vivian Maier, Adriana Lestido, Sebastiao Salgado, Grete Stern. Lately I started researching Japanese photographers such as Masao Yamamoto and Rinko Kawauchi.


am - How would you describe your photographs in 3 words?

ASL - “Inner landscapes”, “abyss”


am - When you are not taking pictures, what do you do?

ASL - When I’m not taking photos it may be that I´m drawing, studying anthropology, reading about Tarot or astrology, dancing Butoh, fantasizing about traveling, traveling, remembering what I dreamed yesterday or eating something tasty in bed.


am - If you could travel and stay in a place for one year, where would you choose to go?

ASL - Mmmm que díficil. Creo que elegiría algún país asiático como China o Tailandia. Mmmm that’s a difficult one. I think I’d choose a country in Asia like China or Thailand.


am - Favourite songs / bands at the moment?

ASL - Lately i’ve been mostly listening Massive Attack, Deru, Baasch and Blockhead.


am - What’s your favourite movie?

ASL - Lost Highway by David Lynch -I’ve seen it nine times!- and Melancholia by Lars Von Trier.


am - What are you reading at the moment?

ASL - I can hardly read one book at a time, I tend to be disorganized, right now I have five books opened: Archetypes and Collective Unconscious by Carl Jung, Jung and Tarot by Sallie Nichols, Theory King Kong by Virginie Despentes and Las Lunas, el refugio de la memoria by Eugenio Carutti.


am - Do you have any project in mind that could be a personal or professional challenge?

ASL - Yes, I’ve had this idea about making a series of photographs that establish a dialogue with the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles, the idea would be to make not too accurate representations but to take the most significant symbols in each card in order to explore from the symbols of the photographic language.

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