"Dreamscapes" by Brandy Eve Allen

Jan 29, 2018

Brandy is a self-taught American photographer with a passion for art, people and analogue processes. Her images are raw, thrilling and intimate, driven by instinct and visceral emotions. At the age of 16 Brandy left school, and with 18 started photographing friends and herself, in a quest to reveal the true sentiments of people, those which lie beneath the surface and relate to the intimate. Inspired by nostalgia, her series 'Dreamscapes' aims to represent an "acid trip" to another world, a way to escape reality and to be absorbed by pure feelings and emotions. In this way, these images serve as mirrors of our souls, where we can see our emotions reflected and use them as catalysts to discover ourselves. Regarding her favourite photo books, these are her picks: "I have a lot, 'Satellites' by Jonas Bendiksen, 'Immediate Family' by Sally Mann, 'The Ballad of Sexual Dependency' by Nan Goldin, 'Fireflies' by Gregory Crewdson. I think I'm attracted to the nostalgia and ambiguity that exists in each of these bodies of work."

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