"36.4863668-118.5657516" by Camille Lévêque

Sep 01, 2015

Camille is a 29 years young French visual artist/photographer based in Los Angeles, California. The series presented here is a visual diary of a travel with a curious encounter that Camille had in Yosemite.


“And finally, we were in Yosemite. All geared up even more pumped up, we drove until trees were the only thing surrounding us, large huge trees blocking all sights of sky. The weather was different, the light was different. The smell, the sounds especially, everything was blowing us away. I had been there before and figured that I’d just built up a memory that was too great, a blurry vision probably bound to be underwhelming when I would go back. It was way overwhelming. And we all felt like everything was right for a minute, in a cheesy desperate sigh all was falling into place, all that has been, all that was yet to become we felt part of a whole that was just above us. I feel faded almost, whenever I’m in the wilderness. The force nature has, the depth of its strength are as beautiful as they are scary. It could crush you anytime, in a whim. We came across a lady and her man, and « there is a bear down there, in the meadow, just so you know » she said. We started walking faster, towards that meadow. Only half way there did we start to wonder « wait, should we be excited or was that actually a warning? » we kept on walking. It was just the three of us and the trees. We stopped at some point and decided to consult on whether we would move deeper in the forest and start going back. And I saw it. There it was, peacefully eating a bunch of grass from the meadow, and he looked gorgeous, he looked glorious -maybe he was a she- and we stood in silence hidden behind the trees, completely fascinated. Later that day, I saw two other bears from the car window, they were walking in a meadow, and because I was the only one to witness the scene I was made fun of, as if I had made up the whole thing.”

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