Photography by Carmen de Vos

Jun 08, 2015

Carmen de Vos is a Belgian photographer with a penchant for experimentation and photo imperfections. Through her work, Carmen rages against the hilarious twenty first century obsession of artificial beauty and pseudo-fantastic human beings longing for the perfect body. In turn, she cherishes life with all its unexpected twists, the human fantasy with all its hooks and the inefficiency of the human memory. Carmen longs for what she is afraid to loose: real human contact, the slowness of being and create and the tangible materials.


In her work Carmen uses old Polaroid cameras, long time expired film and self-made filters. Her tools and methods - such as film bleaching and deliberate film obstruction - are not precise and are intentionally not geared towards a perfect representation, bringing in turn technical limitations and frustrations. However finding a way through these limitations and inconsistencies offers great rewards.


Carmen is currently working on a new photo novel and a book portraying Flemish female artists.

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