"Selamse" by Clara Wildberger

Jan 12, 2016

Clara is a young photographer and design student from Graz, Austria. In her photographic works, Clara explores topics such as personal freedom and its boundaries. Using a simple and detached approach, her images convey strong messages that make us reflect about the people behind these stories.


About “Selamse”, Clara comments: “The series presented here takes its name from a rural town in Salzburg, Austria. Zell am See has recently become a favorite holiday destination for people from the Middle East, relishing the cool and rainy weather and having huge excitement with the snow. From a social point of view, I am curious about the paradox created between the economic freedom and the rigorous social conventions and limitations in Middle East societies. Furthermore, for Western citizens it has been a long tradition going to exotic places and explore, but being the center of attraction for other cultures is shifting the customary angle and creating new possibilities.”


Regarding her favorite artists and sources of inspiration, Clara says: “My photographic idols are very diverse and I admire them for different reasons: Ed Templeton, Viviane Sassen, the Austrian director Ulrich Seidl and many more. But I have to say that a bigger influence than „successful examples“ are friends who are fellow photographers, artists, scientists with whom I have conversations which make me wonder.”

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