"Bois des Frères" by Delphine Schacher

Apr 28, 2016

Delphine is a talented Swiss photographer who creates stunning visual narratives from stories with a social background. Working primarily with natural light, Delphine documents lives and places in such a detached and elegant way that makes us surrender to the image and story at the same time. In this series, the artist documents a set of barracks outside of Geneva that once housed construction workers and are still in use as migrant accommodation. * Do not miss the opportunity to see “Bois des Frères” exhibited at the Biel / Bienne Festival of Photography from the 29.04 to the 25.05.2016 Following we present the interview we had with Delphine: am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us? DS - I’m Delphine, 35 years old, living in Switzerland and trying to deal my new life as a freelance photographer and personal projects :) am - How did you start in photography? DS- When I was 21 I was working in administration and was looking for a way to express myself so I started some photography evening classes… actually, this work as “ Photographer” is quite new. I had worked for 10 years at the Swiss television and then I decided to quit and to go back to school to start a new life… am - What inspires your work? DS- A mix between my memories and the present life, it could be people I see in the street, conversations I hear in the bus, stories I read in the newspapers or books or good radio… am - What is “Bois des Frères” about? DS - « Bois des Frères » is a place that exists since the sixties in a Geneva’s suburb, when it was necessary to accommodate hundreds of Italian workers that came to build the towers of « Lignon » (a sidebar building of more than a kilometer long - the longest in Europe). Twelve barracks were then appointed as a temporary solution to host seasonal workers. They should not last, however, these cabins still exist today and still host men whose origins are not only from Italy but across Europe and Africa. They still live in 10m2 rooms and try to spend their lives the better they can. So, I made portraits of men, still lifes and landscapes. am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists? DS - I like photographers who deal with « non common » people and social problems like Diane Arbus, Donna Ferrato, Jane Evelyn Atwood for the « old » classical models, and for the contemporary ones I also like the lights in Alec Soth, Tom Johnson, Julian Germain, Todd Hiddo, the funny series of Anton Bego whose pictures are simultaneously very touching, and Thomas van den Drieschen whose book « How to be a photographer » depicts so fine the strange contemporary photography sphere that I am discovering little by little. am - How would you describe your photographs in 3 words? DS - Natural light, privacy, nostalgia am - What are 5 things you could absolutely not live without? DS - The fact of meeting new people, nature, poetry, people I love, fresh air am - If you could travel and stay in a place for one year, where would you choose to go? DS - In a cabin truck.. with a driver who spends his days and nights driving from one country to another… I think it’s my hidden dream since I started photography, I would like to see how they live, what they do, who they meet, how they observe the world and society while they’re driving and watching people only from their cabin… I think they have an uncommon way to live and that they also create they own rhythm… maybe I’m wrong, but Ill be interested to discover this world one day. am - What’s your favourite movie? DS - « Cria Cuervos » of Carlos Saura am - What are you reading at the moment? DS - « Chez soi » by Monna Chollet. She’s a journalist writing for « Le Monde » and her book « Chez soi » is an essay. A sociological journey on the notion of private space it look serious but It’s really interesting to read it I promise! am - Gin, vodka or tequila? DS - I will avoid tequila and vodka, reminding me bad moments, so there is still a gin tonic I’m able to drink with a fresh cucumber. am - Do you have any project in mind that could be a personal or professional challenge? DS - If I had to be alone locked in a studio for a year I think that would be a good challenge to find a new way of working… am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

Delphine's work was featured on our Third Printed Issue published in 2017

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