Photography by Diana Spatariu

Oct 23, 2015

Diana is a 23 years young medicine student from Romania. Her fabulous work is highly inspired by the wind and its implicit sense of calm and freedom: “I get inspired by people, the music I get lost into, and sometimes I simply get inspired by the wind - there’s a special kind of feeling I’m getting on windy days and if it makes its lovely presence noticed in any of my photos then that’s perfect for me and I can only love it more!”


Diana likes photographing her subjects from the back and rarely shows their faces: “ From the back people look a bit more mysterious and lost, calmed, staring at a vast tranquility ahead of them, away of anything that would disturb their peace of mind, because that’s something we all want: peace of mind.”


In general, photography is for Diana a way to reflect and better observe things: “Photography is a place where I go when I need to see something clearly; it gives me the oportunity to observe, pay notice and create a connection. It’s like a long, deep breath of fresh air.”

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