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Dec 09, 2015

Eva is an Art History student from Barcelona. Her images seek to portray the feelings and emotions that are born by establishing an imperative close link with the sitter. She defines her work as “something melancholic-hedonistic just because of the furtive need to translate the human emotion that, in my opinion, tends to move between this ambiguity. It is life and what I love.”


Her photographs are normally personal moments that she wants to preserve: “Most of my photographs are a product of a specific moment I consider necessary to hold on to, an action or gesture that brings me memories or just simply where I see beauty; I am not specifically looking for a romantic aesthetic, even though I don’t think it’s bad that people sees it that way.”


Regarding her photographic language and intentions, Eva comments: “[…] what matters the most is to capture the human feeling, the intimacy of it and its relationship with what surrounds it. Go beyond the appearance typical of our era, desobjectify the body and reaffirm the individualization of the person, their vices and virtues, their passions and obsessions, starting with my own ones like my own relationship with my body. I understand that sometimes my images can be loaded with a strong symbolism but I don’t pretend that the viewer looks for it, even though the subjectivism takes over I want to lead the viewer to a very open point from where him/her can experiment with his/her own sensation.”

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