Photography by Florian Hagenbring

Dec 15, 2015

Florian is a photographer and musician currently based in Germany who creates beautiful images resembling passionate love stories and who enjoys everything about analog photography. “I love the feeling that I get when I look at analog pictures. None of them is like the other and every photograph holds special never seen colours. When taking a picture with an analog camera you always have to feel something before taking the shot. You can’t delete it, it turns out better the more work and effort you put in it. You need to take your time. With 36 shots on a roll of film you need to choose carefully instead of making fifty pictures of the same subject. This is why I would consider my photography as something romantic.”


Florian’s work is driven by love and the aesthetics of normal things in our daily lives: “I love thoughtful music and movies that inspire me to take photos. When I’m out in the nature with my love Tina, it’s her smile and her thoughts about everything that make me forget my surroundings. In these moments it just feels natural to take a picture.”

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