Photography by Franck Jessueld

Jan 22, 2016

Franck is a young talented photographer from Paris, France who posses a captivating ludic approach to photography, which requires great skills to make it look as pleasant as he does. Following we present the short and inspiring interview we had with him: am - Where are you from and what do you do? FJ - I grew up in Paris, then I spent a few years in Argentina, nowadays I am living in Brussels. As you can tell I love to travel. As soon as I settle down somewhere, I spent a lot of time scanning, editing, printing and filing my pictures and also the ones I find. I am also drawn to the feeling of the fabric, the negatives, the paper, it’s really important for me. am - What inspires your work? FJ - The city, the everyday life, some of my relatives, but also the void, the absence, ghosts… I walk a lot during the day, each trip can also be a source of inspiration, especially when you pay attention to small details, and that you embrace your trips like if it’s a cultural, or even more some archeological visits. If you train your eyes to do so, you will always find something that most people don’t notice. am - Your images cleverly portray sarcasm, irony and humor, is this your intention and why do you approach photography like this? FJ - Haha thanks a lot!! (ironic smile). If you consider that photography is a continuation of your personality, so the adjectives that you use to caracterise my work are certainly who I also am! The way I approach photography is similar to the way I approach life even if the latest is far from reflecting the former. And to me, taking things seriously, or looking at things with an intellectual view are not necessarily irreconcilable with a sense of humor or frivolity, and I like to deal with this contrast.

Franck's work was featured on our Second Printed Issue published in 2016

that you can purchase here.

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