Photography by Frederic Tougas

Aug 14, 2015

Frederic is a photographer and avid traveler from Montreal, Canada. In his practice, Frederic seeks to maintain a balanced interaction between the subject and its surroundings, paying attention to all the details affecting the image, in order to achieve outstanding compositions. “I’ve always been drawn to the authentic and intuitive side of photography, where you need to work and interact with the aesthetics of your natural environment, finding and waiting for the best light, make do with what’s given to you.  I try to put myself in situations where my subjects are surrounded by epic landscapes, colours or patterns.”


As for many of us, curiosity is what sends Frederic away from home, and in those moments he is always prone to observe and document the new environments. In his images we constantly find the presence of her muse, Vana, whose beauty inspires him to go out and continue looking for breathtaking scenes.

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