"Rosso" by Giulia Bersani

Nov 27, 2015

Giulia is a young Italian photographer whose work revolves around self-discovery and the human need for attachment.


Giulia’s work is mainly inspired by her personal life and feelings, and this series praises these. “[rosso] Is about myself. There is me, my past lovers, my sister, my best friend, my beloved cat…”, and creating this series can also be seen as a process of remembrance and self-introspection: “I never decided to make this series, I just found it while I was editing some old photos. I wanted to make some order into my archive, so I tried to match my favorite personal shots in an alternative way; I was fascinated by the suggestive power of colors.”


Regarding her interest in the human need for attachment and future plans, Giulia comments: “It is something more visceral. I’ve got the phobia of loosing my beloved ones and of remaining alone, and with my project ‘lovers’ I’m working on it.”

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