Humanise Something Free of Error

Sarah Piegay Espenon. Loose Joints. UK, 2018.

By Daniel Espinoza

Humanise Something Free of Error is a magnificent conceptual book that meditates on man’s attempts to influence climate through weather modification.


Combining found imagery at libraries, online forums and the artist’s photographic archives, this book is a reflection on topics such as power, geo-engineering, climate change, sustainability, economic development, use of technologies and ultimately the impact of human life on the planet, questioning in this way our ability to responsibly manage Earth’s resources.


By means of visual associations, the images presented in this book help us to realise that governments and corporations have been, for long time, conducting climate experiments sometimes openly and sometimes as covert operations above in the skies, and with the intention to sometimes help endangered populations, but sometimes to use climate as a warfare weapon.


Small in size, but very powerful, this book is a fantastic example of assertive use of image archives, since it clearly conveys it message and it is visually very pleasant to look at.


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