Photography by Indiana Caba

Feb 22, 2016

Indiana is a young talented photographer from Zaragoza, Spain who studied Media and Communications in Madrid. In 2011 Indiana started her expat adventure when tired of the big city she moved to Groningen, Netherlands. Currently she lives and works in London as a senior UX designer and is trying to save money to “leave it all behind and move into the woods.”


Regarding her approach to photography, Indiana comments: “For 12 years I can’t live without a camera in my hands. At any time I feel the need to document almost everything that I see or that I feel, to stop the time for a few seconds. Particularly little everyday things, routines and the hidden beauty of things and moments. That is the reason why I don’t have real ‘series’ in my work (with some exceptions). Each photograph is part of something bigger, like a life documentary: the things I see, what I love, where I found beauty, my misfortunes… But it isn’t only my own life, is everyone’s life.”


To our question about traveling and staying in a place for a year Indiana replied: “Probably New Zealand or Costa Rica. I’d love to get lost in the wilderness.”

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