"Post-Industrial Stories" by Ioana Cirlig

Oct 28, 2015

Ioana is a 28 years young Romanian photographer working on long-term documentary projects that explore the relationship between men and their environment.


Regarding the series exhibited here, Ioana comments:


“Post-Industrial Stories is a project I have been working on for three years, alongside another photographer, Marin Raica. The project explores life in Romania’s small mining communities in the age of deindustrialization. We decided that the best way to document these changes was to actually live there, so in 2012 we moved to a gold mining town in Western Romania. Since then we have been traveling the country looking for post-industrial stories. Next month we are publishing a photobook.


After traveling the country for a few years I realised that the effects of an aggressive industrialization in the communist years followed by an equally aggressive deindustrialization campaign left a lot of communities adrift. We decided to explore the phenomenon of community depression: how a small mono-industrial town is affected by the loss of its central activity.”


For Ioana photography means happiness, and therefore her outstanding results.

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