Photography by Johan Nieuwenburg

Aug 11, 2015

Johan is a Dutch Cinema student currently living and studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he also develops his career as a photographer creating inspiring imagery which is sensual and provocative at the same time.


Focusing his work around female portraiture, Johan likes to capture the most suggestive side of a girl in strange environments or situations without a real intention. For him this is like a game, a way to be silly and rebellious.


Johan’s inspiration comes from music, other photographers and of course cinema: “My inspiration comes mostly from music, I’m really into punk rock, the attitude and the rawness of it moves me. Music videos are a big inspiration for me too, mostly the stuff of the 90’s. And of course Cinema and other photographers are big inspiration, just to name some: Mark Cohen, Richard Kern, Larry Clark, Helmut Newton.”


Regarding the way to plan his shootings Johan comments: “In exteriors I never plan my sets, when I see a cool location I just go there with whoever wants to be photographed. In interiors I like to think about the clothes the model is going to be wearing and the colours of the decoration, just that, the rest has to be more spontaneous.”


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