Jessica Wolfelsperger · Portfolio selection

Feb 02, 2016

Jessica is a young Swiss photographer currently based in Berlin, Germany who approaches photography in an intriguing, meditative and emotional way.

The Polaroid series displayed here is charged with a timeless sentiment, which cleverly creates atemporal images that can be rooted in any epoch and makes us recall distant memories.

am - What do you do at the moment?

JW - At the moment I am working on a new series called “Lonley Planet”. I also work as a photographer. In the next months I also have some exhibitions, that keep me busy.


am - What and who inspires your photographic work?

JW - Movies inspire me a lot. I love going to the cinema and getting inspired by stories and the way movies are shot. But in general I am driven by emotions. I follow the concept of ‘soulscapes’. My new series deals with the feeling of loneliness for example. I often wonder why we feel lonely despite being surrounded by people. I live in a big city and there are so many possibilties and still people feel isolated. Sometimes there is a lot going on in our minds and we don’t want to share it with others. In my photography I try to illustrate this. I always try to stay close to myself and to my inner world. To find a connection to something personal.

am - What does shooting Polaroids mean to you?

JW - I fell in love with the way the Polaroid comes out of the camera and that it develops immediately. Every picture is a unicum. I don’t only shoot on Polaroid, but it became a main subject and I’ve experimented a pretty long time with it.


am - How would you describe your visual language?

JW - Well, it is hard to say. But I surely have an emotive language.


am - Thank you very much for your contribution to analog magazine.

All images © Jessica Wolfelsperger

Jessica's work was featured on our Fourth Printed Issue published in 2017

that you can purchase here.

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