Jessica Wolfelsperger · 'Lonely Planet' and 'Hide & Seek'

Feb 02, 2016

Jessica is a young Swiss talented photographer whose beautiful and expressive works are largely driven by emotions. In this, her second feature in analog magazine, Jessica presents her newest series “Lonely Planet” and “Hide & Seek”, which derive from personal experiences. “Lonely Planet” deals with the feeling of isolation, while “Hide & Seek” explores anxieties and phobias, resulting in two complementary series that examine common distresses of our current society.

About “Lonely Planet” Jessica comments: “More or less each one of us has a time when feeling lonely. It may be for simple reasons, like being away from home or having problems with friends, family or work. We can also feel emotionally cut off from our environment. Or we might have the feeling that we can‘t share what is happening inside of us. This work visualizes this sense of isolation. I‘m concerned about the loneliness of modern mankind, the single society, the anonymity of the big city and the rivalry in capitalism. Loneliness exists and is not a small problem. It is a malnutrition of our soul.”


And regarding the continuation series “Hide & Seek”, she says: “‘Hide & Seek’ is a series about anxiety. Each era creates its own fears, where new anxiety emerges. Classic phobias remain constant, but they are always looking for current objects. I suffer from panic attacks from time to time. That’s when I want to hide myself from the whole world, and just retreat to my lonely planet that I build.”

In this way, the simple black & white compositions of both series cleverly transmit a sense of melancholia, longing and nostalgia that make us think about  the anxieties of our current times and how to face them.

All images © Jessica Wolfelsperger

Jessica's work was featured on our Fourth Printed Issue published in 2017

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