Photography by Kevin Michael Klipfel

Aug 06, 2015

Kevin is an American photographer living and working in California. His photographs are a careful observation of his immediate surroundings where intense colours and pop culture form a thematic base.


Kevin is greatly inspired by the Abstract Expressionism movement that appeared in America during the past century, “I grew up loving at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. I loved the colors of Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Still, and especially Mark Rothko. Those painters’ sense of color is hugely influential to me. I also love the work of Andy Warhol, not only the pop art, but also his advertising drawings. The colors of those drawings are amazing. I think all that shaped my work and continues to inspire it.”


Regarding his preference for the pop culture and the ordinary Kevin comments: “I am drawn to American pop culture because it just seems to me so representative of what my daily experience as an American actually is. Sometimes when people ask me why I take pictures of these ordinary things I think, well, that’s because that’s what there is! What else are you supposed to take pictures of? The stuff I take pictures of is just the stuff that’s all around me. It’s not something you have to go looking for: it’s right there and it’s terribly interesting.”


Looking at Kevin’s images it is inevitable to think about the work of other great American photographers like William Egglestone or Stephen Shore, whose photographs have definitely influenced Kevin’s career, “William Eggleston is definitely an enormous influence, and not just in terms of his photographs, which I love. I always wanted to take pictures of what was around me but for some reason Eggleston’s work made me think that I could actually do it and that maybe it would be worthwhile doing. So I am doubly indebted to him, though I try not to copy him, but apply his lessons, and the lessons of American photographers such as Walker Evans, Stephen Shore, and Saul Leiter, to my own life and context. “

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