"Rene" by Laure Maugeais

Aug 11, 2015

Laure is a french photographer based in Chamonix Mont Blanc, France. Her work focuses mainly on the concepts of identity and territory and how they mirror each other.


Regarding this series Laure explains: “Rene is a name which is passed in my family. My parents gave it to me. The so named men, they all die young. I’ll be the only woman and the last person.

My father, I knew him when he was in his thirty years, my age today.

I let Rene come in my present, my current territory. Apparitions, in color. The documents affixed to the photographs offer a support in the real. Written prayers of his mother’s hands whispering a fear that something happens. He is sick, everyone knows, everyone keep silent.

My memories emerge in shades of gray: this woman waiting for you, this car which you park, hidden, while you flee elsewhere.


In 6 months. He left. Everything changed.

January 1991.

Renatus in aeternum.”


In 2015, Laure developed this intimate and personal series mixing old photos from her family’s albums, polaroids that she took where she is currently living and documents found in the wallet of her father.

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