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Jul 20, 2020

Lena is a Ukrainian self-taught photographer who finds inspiration when holding a camera and exploring her surroundings. In her minimal takes we can see artful compositions that are prone to careful exploration and multiple interpretations, and indeed Lena prefers leaving an open narrative where observers can make their own readings according to their previous experiences. For us, her images are fantastic, cleverly combining humour, irony and provocation.

am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

LR - My name is Lena and I'm from Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. I majored in Marketing but I'm working as an QA engineer. So there is no link between my education, my work and my hobby as you can see.


am - How did you start in photography?

LR - I became interested in photography about five or six years ago. Before that, of course I tried to take pictures, but it was nothing special. And then I fell ill with pneumonia and was on sick leave for a long time, the illness somehow pushed me to this. I started taking pictures with an iPhone, ordinary things began to seem attractive and interesting to me. I wanted to create compositions. And that's how it all started. About three years ago, I began to switch to film photography. I am one of those people who believes that film can give soul to photography. I don't know where it came from or why, but I feel this way. And here I am, photographing mostly on film and sometimes on a phone.


am - What inspires your work?

LR - I cannot single out something specific. Probably what inspires me the most is the camera at hand. Without it, I couldn't do anything. But in general, I am probably inspired by the environment, life, everything that happens around. I will not single out a specific person or event, it's just a collection of everything.

am - We can see in your images a mix of irony and provocation, is this correct or how would you describe them?

LR - Probably. This is one way to perceive my work, but I would like to give the right to interpret it to everyone who looks at it, to let people decide for themselves what to seek and what to find.


am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists?

LR - Honestly I can't tell, I change my views and interests constantly. I may really like someone today, but tomorrow I'm going to get bored with it.


am - What is your favourite movie?

LR - Hard question. Probably 'The Matrix', I watch the first part once every couple of years. I also really like Akira and Miyazaki's works, but this is anime.


am - What is your favourite photo book?

LR - I don't follow this topic at all. So I don't have one.


am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

LR - Thanks for having me :)

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