Photography by Liana Fides Frappa

Apr 18, 2016

Liana is a young artist currently living and working in Venice, Italy who loves working and experimenting with instant photography. Her joyful and evocative images speak of an open and adventurous character who finds inspiration in her close surroundings. Following we present the interview we had with Liana: am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please tell us where are you from and what do you do at the moment? LFF- I was born under the hot sun of South America and moved to Italy where I began my studies in the arts field and then finished them in Paris where I was lucky enough to also study photography, besides drawing and engraving. Now I work in a wedding planner agency where I have the opportunity to give vent to my talents and artistic needs. am - How did you start in photography? LFF - I started taking pictures at about the age of 18, at school messing around in the dark room with the nerd of the class and shooting with my father’s Canon TLB. am - What inspires your work? LFF - My work, my pictures are inspired by the nature that surrounds me, I live in a region of Italy called Friuli that always captures my imagination with its simple and welcoming landscape that fills my heart but also gives me freedom to dream. am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists? LFF - I let myself be fascinated very often, and am eager to let my tastes and inspirations evolve. I am really a weathervane! At present I can name Anna and Bernhard Blume and Masao Yamamoto regarding photography, while among artists I feel very influenced by the work of Maya Deren, Andy Goldsworthy and Mona Hatoum. am - How would you describe your photographs in 3 words? LFF - Suspended, nostalgic, evocative. am - What does photography mean to you? LFF - For me photography is like writing, if I have to leave a message I do it through my photos. am - What are 5 things you could absolutely not live without? LFF - Cinema, popcorn, the river, poetry and of course the darkroom. am - If you could travel and stay in a place for one year, where would you choose to go? LFF - Always Paris! Even for more than a year! am - Favourite songs / bands at the moment? LFF - Kinks and Gonzales, I always listen to music of the past, I am madly in love with the Mexican rancheras and lately Kihi Bashi often passes through my headphones. am - What is your favourite film? LFF - The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson! am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

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