Photography by Laura Kovanska

Sep 21, 2016

Laura is a self-taught photographer from Czech Republic who enjoys creating “fashion stories”. During a shooting with Natalia, Laura saw the opportunity to  develop a narrative that she already had in mind, the story of a proud countryside girl with strong religious beliefs. A touching story for Laura that she emphasized by using some of her mother’s and grandmother’s clothes. “Natalia is a very young girl with a strong Christian background [and] I was thinking for long time how to put her character into a photo story that could suit her. I decided to make an Amish-like narrative about a young girl who has strong beliefs and is very confident about her land and the flock of sheep that she takes care of. I could feel the purity and strong feelings that Natalia gave me during the shooting [and] I was very surprised that she has such an expressive face with [just] 13 years of age. When I was scanning the photos, I realized that the story reminds me my own life - a young girl living in the countryside - it reminds me my childhood. For this shooting I used my grandma’s folklore skirt and my mum’s flower dress which gave me the very sentimental and personal feeling about the whole story.”

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