Photography by Luca Seeger

Sep 14, 2016

Luca is a young photographer from the north of Germany who portrays his life and adventures through analogue photography. His engaging daily life images irradiate freedom and hope, reminding us that youth is an enjoyable time to dream and experiment.


Next we want to present an interview that we had with Luca:


am - First of all thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Can you please introduce yourself for us?

LS - Hi my name is Luca Milan Joel Mato Seeger, I’m 20 years old and from the north of Germany. I live in a very small village surrounded by nature. I finished school last summer. Right now I’m working on a constructing site, just to make a little bit of money for traveling and of course for my photography.


am - How did you start in photography?

LS - I started photography five years ago, I borrowed the camera of my aunt and just started to take some pictures. Last year I began with film photography and for me it is so much deeper than anything else I did before that time. It seems to me more honest, raw and intense. Film photography is a craft and I don’t have the feeling of just pulling a trigger, the connection to my art is true and authentic and not digital.


am - What inspires your work?

LS - My work is inspired by my day-dreaming thoughts about the true nature of everything and also by the book „On The Road“, this is the source of my inspiration. My friends are also a big part of my photography and the youth culture that we live is also a source. Every soul in the circle of my friends knows the core of the other hence it is a beautiful connection between all of us.

In the end it can be anything, a little light spot between the trees in the evening, or just the color of a stone or a leaf, it just must be real and authentic like it is.


am - Who are your favourite photographers / artists?

LS - My favorite Artists are Theo Gosselin, Randy P Martyn, two friends of mine Marlin Helene and Darius, Guillaume Gaubert, Kellen Mohr and Jovan Todorovic.


am - How would you describe your photographs in 3 words?

LS - colorful, spontaneous and authentic.


am - When you are not taking pictures, what do you do?

LS - I’m working a lot… But after that, I listen a lot of music, often with my friends and then we exchange thoughts while sitting in nature. Or we just climb up trees, collect fruits, just stay in motion, sleep in tents, making fire and admiring the stars. I also write a bit of poetry, but just in german.


am - Favourite songs / bands at the moment?

LS - I listen a lot of hip hop music like Kendrick Lamar, 2Pac, Fugees, Bluestaeb or Ivan Ave, but I like also stuff like Bon Iver, Carlos Cipa or Buena Vista Social Club.


am - What’s your favourite movie?

LS - I don’t have a favorite movie, but I like Goodbye Horses or into the wild but I don’t watch so much tv or something.


am - What are you reading at the moment?

LS - Right know I’m reading Marcel Proust „In Search of Lost Time".


am - Thank you very much for your time and your contribution to analog magazine.

LS - Thank you so much, I really appreciate this feature.

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