Lucasz Wierzbowski · Portfolio selection

May 26, 2015

Lucasz is a self taught photographer living and working in Wroclaw, Poland. His unique approach and fresh style produce images that fluctuate between irony and comedy, resulting in magnificent theatrical-like scenes that capture our attention and linger in our minds.


Lucasz’ approach to photography is direct and uncomplicated: “In my works I try capture the relationship between the model and the surroundings in its purest form. Every session is a journey, both for me and my models as I don’t like to plan all the details of the sessions in advance, I like to be inspired by the mood of the place and the model’s attitude.”


Lucasz works together with the models as if they were making a film: “I try to catch the in-between moments, giving the photos a kind of movie stills vibe. I also love using any given space in an active and sometimes unconventional way.”


We love his images as they are open to subject interpretations and at the same time are fun and pleasant to watch.

All images © Lucasz Wierzbowski

Lucasz' work was featured on our Third Printed Issue published in 2017

that you can purchase here.

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