"Constructed Landscapes" by Marinos Tsagkarakis

Feb 18, 2016

Marinos is a young Greek photographer from the island of Crete and a member of the collective “Depression Era”, which portrays the urban and social landscapes of the economic crisis in his home country.


His photographic work focuses on urban landscapes that have been affected by the current situation in Greece, which entered a state of transition prolonged to the present day. “I believe that any change in the social and economic situation of a region is reflected on its built environment and the landscape.”


Regarding “Constructed Landscapes”, Marinos comments: “All these landscapes could be beautiful carved canyons in the American Wild West or a World Heritage, but there is one distinctive difference: they are ‘Constructed’. ​This photographic project deals with landscapes that are created and shaped by human intervention. The common feature of these landscapes is their large scale and the awe which is provoked by their ‘Industrial Ugliness’. All these landscapes are located in Greek territory. This project lasted 9 months. I have traveled across Greece for 2.800 kilometers, from Halkidiki to Ptolemais, and from Thessaly to Crete -in a special trek- capturing the manufactured landscapes of my country.”


Marinos finds inspiration in the work of photographers like Alec Soth and Lars Tunbjörk, and this particular project was inspired by the work of Ed Burtynsky and Naoya Hatakeyama.

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