Photography by Miky Arsenjev

Aug 20, 2015

Miky is a film history and theory student from Prague with a big love for Polaroids. He even works in a small Polaroid shop where he gets paid with films. “I started with Polaroid just because of the fascination that real photos would come out of it. Then I found its very specific colors and atmosphere, which suited me perfectly. It also meant no editing, which I hate (I’m not fond of digital photography).”

Regarding his passion for female portraiture, Miky comments: “I photograph what resonates inside of me and what I find beautiful, that is mainly women, I love their beauty. Their shapes are so much closer to art and abstract that men’s. Working with female beauty, experiencing it and transforming it into photos is absolutely great and fills me up to the brim.”


Miky’s sense of light and composition is absolutely stunning, which transforms his passion into absolutely brilliant images.

Miky's work was featured on our Fifth Printed Issue published in 2018

that you can purchase here.

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