Photography by Matilde Viegas

Nov 10, 2015

Matilde is a research scientist living and working in Porto, Portugal. Photography is the catalyst for her creative cravings and she approaches it in a very personal way: “The pictures I take are deeply personal, profoundly connected to my emotional state and my surroundings. The main thing I pursue is sentiment, feeling, in anything I shoot.”


Matilde finds inspiration in deep emotions and sentimental works: “I’m drawn to works that are as highly sentimental as mine, artists like Nan Goldin resonate in me. Empathy, I see it in Nan’s work. I absorb from things that move me: literature, visual arts, music, even from a story I heard from someone at the café. Compassion. Tenderness. Solitude. Those are the things I want you to feel when you look at my pictures.”

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