"Saudade" by Noa Mar

Dec 14, 2015

Nora is a self-taught German photographer currently based in Berlin who regards herself as a keen observer and explorer. She has always been fascinated by psychology, mysteries and secrets of any kind, enjoying everything about getting to the roots of things and knowing what makes other people thrill.


Regarding to her series “Saudade”, Nora comments: “Saudade is the portuguese term for longing/yearning/nostalgia. I found the inspiration for this series in my observations of society, human hidden desires, interpersonal relationships and my own emotions. It turned out quite cryptic and shows my attraction to symbolic and metaphoric pictures. It tells a story about inner worlds, sensations and longings, dreams and wishes which many people buried in order to adapt to society´s expectations. It is also about freedom, dreams, travels in mind and in real life, compassion and self reflection.”

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