Nothing's coming soon. Clay Maxwell Jordan. Fall Line Press. US, 2018.

By Daniel Espinoza

Printed in big format (24.5 cm x 30 cm) this book is a beautiful encounter with the American daily life. Shot in the American South, Jordan’s images reveal people and places that could belong to any regular town in this part of the US. Then, it is only when we scratch beneath the surface when the particular stories begin to emerge and our imagination to work.


The portraits presented in the book are all enticing and very expressive, telling each of them a fascinating story that makes us wonder about the lives of the people portrayed. In the same way, the objects presented as close-ups or the places showed mainly decontextualised, are enthralling introductions for diverse narratives.


Looking at this book we can definitely establish parallelisms between Jordan’s work and that of Alec Soth or William Eggleston, which is per se a good reason to follow Jordan’s development.

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