Photography by Oliver Liria

May 01, 2015

Oliver is a Spanish born photographer currently living in the UK, and is one of these gifted photographers who have the eye, who observe and abstract, producing enjoyable images out of daily encounters.


He is inspired by the aesthetic value exerted by our everyday surroundings. On his own words: “I try to photograph the non existent difference between design aimed to please and to demand a response from the observer, to that of a utilitarian purpose that is not there to be judged by the way it looks. Colour, shape and the harmony -or sometimes incongruity- that they can create is very present in my photography.”


When we see Oliver’s work we are immediately referred to W. Eggleston’s, establishing parallelisms between their oeuvre and happily discovering a great follower of this style.


Regarding his way to approach these scenes, Oliver states: “I enjoy the fact that I don’t know what I am going to photograph next, it is that moment when I turn my head and I see my next photograph what I am addicted to.”

Oliver's work was featured on our First Printed Issue published in 2017

that you can purchase here.

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