"Origins" by Rachel Jump

Dec 02, 2015

Rachel is an American art photographer currently based in the Chicago area. Her black and white images address the ideas of home, belonging, memory and absence as a personal exploration.


About her series “Origins” Rachel comments: “For most of my childhood, my family’s life was scattered over countless households. My faded memories of these places merely composed a fragmented idea of home. Photography finally provided a way in which I could eternalize these fleeting moments, a fiction entangled by my truth. As a way to cope with these feelings of isolation, I created a narrative hoping to connect these places and reunite my family. Through this collective experience, my family and I appear to search for one another within the various environments that divided us. As a result of our efforts to find solace and intimacy, I conjured a myth of a home; a sanctuary where my loved ones and I could finally belong.”


Rachel’s approach to photography is intimate and thoughtful, giving her the time to attain the desired results: “I was taught how to slow down in a manner where I was no longer seeing my subject, but truly feeling the details of a person. The camera immerses my subjects and I into a meditative trance- a state where creativity becomes ritual.”

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