Photography by Ramona Deckers

May 04, 2015

Ramona is an Amsterdam based photographer with a BA in English language and culture and a Masters in fashion journalism. To produce these lyrical and intriguing images Ramona works with close friends. For her this is a way to get closer to them and which makes photographs more human, poetic and interesting.


One of her great inspirations is Nan Goldin, “It was Nan Goldin’s work that convinced me to pursue my dream to becoming a photographer (this was 2004).” but she had already developed an interest in photography since a very young age, “As a kid I constantly walked around with a camera and my cousin used to photograph me dressed up as Madonna. Now I much more prefer to stay behind the camera. I wish I still had all those negatives.”


Regarding her interest in analog photography, she mentions: “[By] Working with analogue equipment I welcome accidents and flaws to creep into the work, small imperfections and discolourations that add character, much like the crackle of a vinyl LP. “

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