"Iceland" by Ran Benazra

Sep 09, 2015

Ran is a young artist and designer currently studying Visual Communication in Jerusalem, Israel. His work is inspired by nature and exploration, finding the core aesthetics of each place, and then translated into visual and design projects. “This way of work is putting me out on a challenge to adjust and find the right balance between nature and the modern design world while using traditional, analog and manual techniques (Silkscreen, Woodcut, Cyanotype etc.) to achieve the modern aesthetics without loosing the feel of the rough, unpredicted and somewhat comforting results characterised by the nature around us.”


Regarding his impressions of Iceland, Ran comments: “Apart from the magnificent views, what I liked the most about Iceland was the moment I first saw the vast Vatnajökull icecap, I quickly ‘marked’ it as the highlight of the trip. Seeing the enormous glaciers sliding off the mountains so gracefully with their beautiful shades of blue and mesmerizing textures, that definitely left a mark.” And when he goes back to these pictures he recalls the all the first encounters that he had “first glacier, first volcano, first lava field”, the impressive views, the unpredictable weather and the isolation of the place “… I felt so small and vulnerable for the first time in my life.”

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