Photography by Romain Saccoccio

Sep 28, 2015

Romain is an architect and photographer living and working in Paris, France. Being an architect, Romain has always had a special attachment to landscapes and spaces, emphasizing its lines, textures and depth by composing clear images with a strong feel of emptiness.


Regarding the way to compose his images, Romain comments: “Paying attention to composition and colours is essential to me in order to capture the pictorial aura and the narrative nature of the landscapes that overwhelm me. I like to reveal atmospheres that make a place and a moment special. This may be a certain tranquility, some ordinary things or a strange and dark beauty.”


Romain is mainly inspired by painting, cinema, architecture and music: “I like to refer to fiction, symbolism or abstraction, and give the impression of being in a parallel dimension, beyond time and usual references.“

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