Photography by Sebastian Cvitanic

Jan 25, 2016

Sebastian is a self-taught Chilean photographer currently based in Seattle, USA who has lived for long periods in Peru, Mexico and Florida. If some cultures believe that a photograph can ‘steal’ your soul, Sebastian’s images would confirm that, by magnificently uncovering the personality and character of his sitters. Also remarkable is the use that Sebastian does of his locations, sometimes contrasting and sometimes merging the person in the frame, obtaining always a brilliant result. Following we present the short interview we had with him: am - What inspires your work? SC - Everything. And the connection of everything. The sensibility of the simple and mundane. There’s so much to absorb out there in the world and not enough time, sometimes we need that little tool to help us see, analyze, contemplate, and record. am - What draws you to work around portraiture? SC - I find people fascinating, people are the finest form of art, so even when I am working on their portraiture it feels like making art, and is a wonderful thing. am - How would you describe your visual language? SC - I like to call my work timeless. There’s an inexplicable need for me to keep time periods always a mystery, a reminder that nostalgia can be found everywhere to make us feel something. Because art is not what we see but what we feel.

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