Photography by Sinziana Velicescu

Jul 07, 2015

Sinziana is a photographer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. Her carefully composed images reveal an abstract world which is both, pleasant to observe and strong in its message. In this regard, Sinziana comments: “Aesthetically, I am inspired by minimal graphic design and modern abstract art. I get excited about colors, shapes, and lines and I enjoy reducing the world around me to these elements.” Another important characteristic of Sinziana’s work is the constant use of the square format: “I prefer using the square format because it allows for complete compositional freedom as well as the occasional disruption caused by a perfectly symmetrical image.”


The images presented here are part of a longer series that deals with the way of experiencing a city and our urban lifestyle.  “My ‘Los Angeles’ series is a product of the monotony and loneliness of living in a city most commonly experienced from the inside of a car.”

Sinziana's work was featured on our Second Printed Issue published in 2016

that you can purchase here.

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