"Verse" by Tereza Červeňová

Nov 23, 2015

Tereza is a freelance photographer from Slovakia currently living and working in London. Her work is based on her everyday life and the people who belong to it, finding inspiration in those little moments that seem “unimportant” to everybody else but are in turn the most valuable and precious for Tereza.


Regarding the series presented here, Tereza comments: “Verse was first inspired by Japanese haiku poems and my general interest in poetry. I decided to venture into trying to ‘write a poem’ without words. Just with images and playing with their layout, grouping them into small compilations and deciding on a sequence and flow I tried to make work, which is personal to me, but still open enough for other people to be able to relate to it. I wanted the work where everyday events are transformed into poignant memories and through that invite the viewer to re-interpret these fleeting moments through the hidden reflections of their own memories and experiences.”

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