The Mechanism. Mårten Lange. Mack.

London, 2017

By Daniel Espinoza

The Mechanism is a futuristic narrative seen from a contemporary perspective, where the author attempts to trace the effects of technological developments on human experiences in order to create a story loaded with the threats and promises of the future.With crisp black and white images, this photo essay explores topics such as technology, economic systems, surveillance, corporate life and urban society.


The book is an entirely visual narrative, there are no texts or captions to explain the situations or places where the photos were taken, and this is wholly appropriate, showing in this way the homogenization of our modern cities and the no-place and worldwide distributed technology.


Human figures are secondary to this antiseptic and anti-nature futuristic world, and when they appear Lange overwhelms them with the scale of the city. It i as if people are completely out of place in this mechanized system, only necessary for the jobs that can’t be easily automated.


While many recent projects have documented the alienation of office life, the proliferation of automatization, or the overwhelming surveillance that we face, Lange’s merit is to put together these topics in a coherent and sophisticated way.


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