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Oct 01, 2015

Viktorija is a 23 years young art student from Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the Academy of Arts, Viktorija specializes in drawing and photography where she has gradually developed a strong interest in fashion photography.


Vikrorija’s sister acts normally as her model and main source of inspiration, but her work is also inspired by nature, love, clothing, strange and odd places, weird stuff and her surroundings.


For Viktorija, fashion is the perfect way to express her sense of beauty and present herself, approaching and planning her shootings in a very relaxed way: “Every shooting is very spontaneous and relaxed. You don’t need to plan or make an enormous effort to make great images. Because I have my sister for model, the images I capture are more natural and free. I like that feeling.”


Viktorija is currently planning a photo exhibition and more shootings, as she has always something new in mind.

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