"Between the Mountains and Water" by Zhang Kechun

May 05, 2015

Zhang is a Chinese artist born in Sichuan who studied art and design before becoming a photographer. After his lauded series “The Yellow River”, which was published and exhibited worldwide, Zhang presents “Between the Mountains and Water”, a work that portraits China’s struggle between its ancient past and its rush to modernity. The milky haze of polluted skies accompanied by magnificent landscapes, where monumental constructions arise and humans are shown as dwarfed figures, set up the mood of the entire collection.


In Chinese culture mountains and rivers are important entities carrying people’s affection. According to Zhang and following the tradition “mountains being virtuous, rivers being moral” is the main line to interpret Mountains and Waters.


Regarding his approach to this series, Zhang explains: “China is undergoing high-speed changes and immerses itself in the excitement of prosperity. The trend of strong destructive power which can not be halted is following. Under this circumstance, I seem to be very insignificant as an ordinary people. In the course of my traveling over land and water over the years, I am looking for those people who are still in company with mountains and waters.”


Zhang uses a 4x5 in. large format camera for his artistic works and is currently based in Chengdu.

Zhang's work was featured on our Fifth Printed Issue published in 2018

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